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Thursday, 9 June 2016

Walk to Hampton Court

Hi again folks,
going backwards from Hickstead and now at Apps Court again at the pre National. I wanted to do the National blogs before they got too stale.
Our friends Marion and John arrived on the weekend so we took a 3 mile leisurely stroll to Hampton Court along the tow path. it was a glorious day as you can see.

This topiary was cut in the shape of a bird we think with a young child flying on its back.

Moody shot of some old cobwebs in a gate.

Approaching civilization again.

Mum supervising the young as they had a splash about.

Approaching the Molesely Rowing club with this sculpture of a rowing boat on end.

We came across and Egyptian Goose with its lovely colours.

Just past the clubhouse was the Cricket Club which served tea by the river so we had to stop and sample the tea and cakes.
Looks like a good time to stop, I will carry on towards Hampton Court in the next blog, Cheers, Mike


  1. Love this post... Beautiful place, stunning pictures Mike. I so enjoy walking around with you .... Not so keen on the kid on the bird but LOVE the old cobwebs.. I have lots in my house! lol E xx

  2. Hi Michael, Lovely photos, Glad you both decided to take a walk along the towpath. the narrowboats bring back lovely memories. Mrs Egg.