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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Farnham Carnival Send Off

Hi Folks,
Still at the start watching the wonderful costumes making there way out of the car park to start there journey around the town.

Where is the Death Star, look next time and find it!  All the best, Mike


  1. The donkeys were a surprise. xx

  2. Nice colors there Mike. Not seen a carnival in years, were very regular once but many gone due to lack of funds in the last twenty years. Cost of poor economy. But does not deter from your great photos.

  3. Thanks Ken, you may notice that most of the costumes are handmade. I think Farnham did them proud and all the monies raised went to charity.

  4. Lovely photos Mick loving my new camera so looking forward to us catching up and having some togging time all the best to you and Sue

    1. Cheers Robert, give me a day or so so get sorted after our break and I will give you a call and arrange a meet. Glad you like the camera.

  5. More fab pictures .. how wonderful that so many took part and that it seems well attended... Rock and roll all round.. I enjoyed looking at these carnival posts, Mike