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Friday, 17 June 2016

Trip to Windsor with the MCC #2

Hi again folks,
carrying on with out trip and a walk around Windsor.

As the plaque says and it was so small the pictures do not show it although the building on the left really did slope over like that.

The door brings it back into perspective, it's a wonder it opened.

We arrived just over a week since the Queen as there and there were still banners about, I'm surprised they had not been taken for souvenirs.

View from inside the Guild Hall with bunting still around.

Penfold hexagon pillar box painted green to apparently look less obtrusive although people kept bumping into them pre 1874. Anybody know what reign?

Outside the Guild Hall with the ladies bringing up the rear.

Shall we go in, well no it was nearly lunch time so Weatherspoons won the day.

A little bit of history on the pub.

After lunch it was time to walk it off down by the river. We watched whilst the swans had there lunch and my did they get fed well, not with bread I might add but pellets on sale by the water.

We headed back to the bus station via the park and sat whilst the clouds started to gather We had a great time and our friend John spent the remaining time taking pictures of the planes going and coming into Heathrow.
Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Great blog once again Michael, glad Sue explained about the wonky building, and the smallest street, the water feature was lovely. Mrs Egg.

  2. Interesting post Mike... love the wonky house and the Green Post box... looked 'em up on Google and they said they were installed in 1866 ... William IV... E xx