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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Star Wars v The Footballers

Hi again folks,
hope I am not boring you, below a few more on the parade through the town of Farnham.

At last a Wobbly Death star

That's some headgear


What a unique hat.

Town crier making a noise.


Football crazy line up.

Approaching  Gostrey Meadow and the last few in the blog.


  1. Lovely photos again Mike. Very nice. Looks as if we may have a carnival here this year, as long as it's not dominated by Rugby mascots. Not sure who would sponsor here now as all the big name industries have moved to China, India and other places. and Spencer use to make their own clothes here in Merthyr along with other big names, but it's all gone. EU disaster hi.

  2. Brilliant pictures here, again Mike. So funny some of the star wars head gear. Great stuff!
    E xxx