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Monday, 6 June 2016

Back again... St Mary,s Parish Church Walton on Thames

Hi folks, sorry for the absence but back again to try to resume the blog after a rest mainly due to sinus
Anyway, here goes, a couple of weeks ago we stayed at Apps Court on the Thames with the MCC next to Sunbury Lock. After a walk to Walton on Thames and lunch we frequented this amazing church.

The church has been there since before the doomsday book and the earliest part was built in 1150.

The Shannon Memorial with the Field Marshal standing next to a tent with all the accouterments of war who lived in Ashley Park, Walton.

Raised galley unique to this church with organ to the left.


Outside was a unique graveyard with very unusual tomb stones.

Which includes this masterpiece at the back on the graveyard.

Normally Sue picks up and makes a donation for a guide book but on this occasion none were available. The internet is also very sparse on this church.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Whey hey!! so pleased you are back... super pictures and interesting facts! Mmmmm... nice masterpiece ! lol
    Eileen xxx

    1. Bear with me Eileen, its been a bit of a struggle. xxxx

  2. Nice pictures Mike. Glorious colour. Glad the sinus problem ok at the moment. We're at plucks gutter in Kent due to a ruby wedding event plus an extended stay for the week at a rented cottage. Not done much photography ,a few bits and pieces, the ruby wedding cannot post as its personal to others HI, so won't risk that. Look forward to more photos of that quality from you.

    1. Thanks Ken, really trying to pull myself out of the doldrums at the moment.

  3. nice to have you back and doing what you do best you take it easy health is number one priority

    1. Thanks Bob, I will do my best to get back to my old self.