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Monday, 27 June 2011

Skive off work

Hi folks,  well what a lovely day to work, NOT.  I did an MOT first thing and went to Boomers with Trev.
We thought what the heck, lets go and play after lunch. We talked about where to go and decided to try St Mary's again, after all I have about 20 shots of Upnor Castle so why not another one. Charles and John were going to follow us but got lost some where in the Range.

Well first off was the mandatory Castle, all was fine except for the heat haze, or was it cloud?

We then came across the Crane, Trev said it was the largest one in the Dockyard, as he worked in there I went along with him. I really was having fun, I kept changing lenses and had a game with Trev to see how close we could get to it with it still be in the shot, I think I won with the 7-14mm. hey Kendo, don't look too close at the houses in the background they are a bit wonky, hi.   The only trouble with this lens is that everything MUST be on a parallel plain and I was not tall enough to be looking in the crane window!

I was standing up under the crane to get this.

Then came "The Eye of the Needle" challenge, get both in focus the Eye and the Needle which in this case was Kingsnorth Power Station chimney and the buoy by the Crane's hook, on reflection I think Sues' point and shoot would have done better than our DSLR's.  Never mind we had a laugh which is what it is all about.

Then we went for reflections only the water was a bit choppy.

Another sort of reflection.

I could not finish without a Pigeon for Trev (without a window), but at least Trev's were flying. This one was about to leap into the air but I got the bugger before he dived off the edge.

All in all we had a GREAT time down there, I then had to go back to my day job.

Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon Trev.

nite nite all, Mike


  1. I like the pigeons plumage, it really glistens. Glad you both had a good time.

  2. Yes it was a great afternoon. I have not done anything with mine yet but the clouds were rubbish

    I will put mine up later

  3. Loved this post Mike .... it has a strong 'feel good' thread from beginning to end ... Loved the reflection and 'eye' pictures but my fav is .....the PIGEON! lol ;) x