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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Back to the past

Hi folks,
Well all seems to be hunky dory on here since I paid my dues of storing photos on there. guess what a turn up for the books.

I am so excited that I thought I would bore you with a couple of holiday snaps. It seems so long ago that we went to the States I am longing to return. Will have to start saving again I suppose, drat no more cameras.

Here's a couple (or three) from Epcot in Florida ......

A few of the wonderful gardens in Epcot. There is so much work put into them that I wonder when the gardeners get time to do it. The grounds open at 10am and close at 12pm Midnight, so they must work under floodlights and very early in the morning. You never saw anyone tendering the gardens during the day..............perhaps it's Disney magic.

Anyway off to bed I go with sore eyes, looking forward to seeing the family today for fathers day as it's way past midnight.

Cheers all, Mike.


  1. I'm so happy it all works, nite nite

  2. I Like the flower bed Mike, full of colour

  3. Lovely, lovely pictures Mike .... glorious colours x