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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Daisy and the Not Not Neddies

Hi Folks,

What a wonderful day it was with little legs, that's Daisy to you.
We thought we would take a ride to The Barn at Upchurch as it was a nice day. So we packed a lunch and the proverbial toilet seat and set off.

On arrival we were amazed that is this day and age it was FREE. Well after Sue picked me up off the floor we set off across the meadows to the lake with ducks and other wild fowl on it. as we arrived the noise was defining with the sound of Geese, Ducks and loads of other birds. Where is the bird seed I yelled, in the car came the reply. Oh dear we left it behind, Sue had the idea that I could walk back to the car and get it, I had other ideas. Just then a couple turned up at the lake with loads of bird seed, we explained what had happened and they very kindly gave Daisy a load of seed to feed the ducks. Phew, that saved me a long walk,

Feeding ducks with borrowed seed

Not not Neddie
Daisy was getting tired after a long day at the farm so I gave her a lift back to the car.

A lovely day was had by all.

Cheers, Mike


  1. Well there's the Not Not Neddie, will post part 2 tomorrow (today)

  2. I wonder what is going on as Sunday Eileen's post didn't, now your having trouble posting.

    Question to both of you, do you sign out or just close the page? I just close the page.
    Question two, do you have a Google account.

    I ask these because I don't have any problem post or making comments.

    You had a lovely day out Mike with Daisy.

  3. Hi Trev, I just close the page, and yes I have a Google account. I have no problems posting a comment. Last night, be it morning I lost five images that I uploaded and the blog closed as I was typing it. I managed to get the blog back from drafts but had to reload the pictures. I will try to add another image now.

  4. Well it's really gone now. Doing all sorts of things, altering text size, picture size and now not allowing text to be added. I have to post the blog in sections now otherwise I loose it. This is no good.

  5. Hi Mike are you sticking with this blog now .... lovely pictures of Daisy BTW.... I am not having any more trouble with my blog or Trevors and I will now see if I can post on here !!! Things seem to be back to normal ... I never sign out and also have a Google account. I hope things get better for you :) x

  6. Hi Eileen, to be honest I am looking at other blog sites to see if there is an alternative to this one. I was saved yesterday in the fact that there is a draft facility on here. If I had to retype it again I would have given up, I am not the worlds best typist. Your comment post is no problem on here. Thanks for you good wishes. XX