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Monday, 6 June 2011

More from Disney

Hi peeps,
We seem to be having a few problems with the blog. when a comment is left it will not always post and the images will not expand. Still must press on in the hope it is soon sorted out.
On a  lighter note here is an image taken on holiday, Mike is amazed that these are living trees cut to shape (Topiary).

Mickey and Mini

Well lets try this one

And another

Ah bless

Nite Nite Henry  XX


  1. I like the new layout Mike

  2. WELL THAT'S THE BEST I CAN DO. until this blog is returned to normal.

  3. Thanks Trev still wont expand but better than nothing.

  4. My blog is bad news .... I cannot upload any pictures today and my mate Dee's blog won't accept any comments, like yours yesterday Mike ....I hope this goes on !

  5. Beautiful colours Mike .... just gorgeous x

  6. Thanks Eileen, I'm quite pleased with the Micro Four Thirds System. And of course the sun helps.