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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One in a million

Hi folks,

 We all had a super day today a the Riverside Country Park, that's Sue , Daisy and myself. The weather was not up to much, cloudy with a touch of drizzle. Not bad  for the summers longest day.
Still we made the most of it and little legs spent all of her time  in the play area and really wore herself out, so much so that at 1.30pm she wanted to go home to bed. I get very frustrated trying to get a good photograph of her as she hates the camera being pointed at her and keeps looking away. I have loads of the back of her head, still never mind, out of about 80 shots I got this one. Ho for the inventing of digital photography, it would have cost me a fortune otherwise.

Man the lifeboats

This one made it all worth while I think.

As we arrived home the road was blocked with cars so we had to walk the last few yards as Harry over the road was having the usual block paving laid and created havoc all up out cul-de-sac.
As Sue was out this evening I spent some time with Charles playing with pictures on the puter.

See you all later, nite nite luv Mike


  1. see you 7PM Wednesday
    I have some garlic bread for us

  2. Ok, I was just about to change the picture. Well done on the eats I think you will like this one better.

  3. Beautiful picture of your gorgeous 'Little legs'

    Garlic bread (yuk) wot you two up to?

    E xx

  4. We watch the Apprentice on Wed eve and Trev supplies the supper. Garlic bread is good for the heart.
    Mike XX

  5. The garlic bread was very tasty and Sue mad a good job of getting it ready. One problem, there was too much, right Mike

  6. Very true Trev, the one in the tin would have been sufficient,