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Monday, 20 June 2011

Dad dad's Great Day

Hi Folks,

Fathers Day

Had a wonderful time with the arrival of Ian,Claire and of course Daisy. As the weather was unpredictable we decided to stay at home in the warm and dry. They even brought dinner with them, we had Chicken and new Potatoes with Pasta, very nice it was too.

No pics of the event as Daisy is going through a stage of not liking her picture taken so here are  a  couple of the St. Augustine Car Rally taken on holiday.

Beefed up Chevy

Wow, what a blower

Well, I really must get back into this after the mess up with the blog. Apart from Sunday not a lot going on apart from work, still it's Daisy day tomorrow again so you should get a more interesting post tomorrow.

Nite Nite for now, luv Mike


  1. you need a periscope to see over

  2. Yep you sure do. With regards to this mornings conversion the two images we talked about were taken with a different camera,

  3. Glad you enjoyed your day Mike.... we had visitors over for a meal too! Martin,lisa and the boys ...great fun.

    Cor what super cars !!!!