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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bodiam Banters

Hi folks,

We decided as it was such a lovely day to go to that famous castle in Sussex. We were very surprised by the lack of traffic on the roads after what the weather man / woman had said over the last couple of days. Off we trundled and in about an hour we were there with only a slight hold up in Maidstone..

The castle at it's best side as the sun doesn't shine on the rear as it is south facing.

after walking a bit we came across these little baby ducklings in the grass......Ahh

The day was full of surprises, even the Carp came up to have a look.YUCK

We sat down to have our lunch and there was a loud banging coming from the castle. It was a Dragon coming over the bridge towards us. We both thought that the costume was great all the children in the body had domed hats that looked like spikes on top  of the Dragons body. They all had a wonderful time running around the grounds being chased by little Knights with plastic swords. I was careful to pick a shot which does not show their faces too much.

I have had to add this big fish because it is Sue's favourite, she said it reminds her of a Delft plate in colour.  Oh well, what ever takes your fancy, would be no good with chips!

Well that's is, nite nite Mike.


  1. Nice shot of the castle Mike

  2. Wot you doing up this time of night Trev??

  3. BTW cracked the image size problem, go to pixles and make it 1500 wide, then the image is right for Picassa and expands ok. It you crop image and put it up at 30% it could be smaller and not expand.

  4. Cor ...lovely day out for you Mike .... Just love the fish... one looks like it wants a 'kiss'.... yuk!!

    E xx

  5. Yer, I thought that one was awful, thought I spelt YUK wrong. Mike XX

  6. Never mind Mike we can tell them tomorrow about our afternoon out.

    A great time and 78 pictures, good wot!