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Friday, 13 April 2012

2012 Calender Part !

Hi folks,

Well sorry I did not post yesterday as I have tried to do some work which all in all has been a bit of a struggle. Due to this I have had no time to get out or even go to the clubs that I belong to, I am hoping for some news next week on my op which with all the waiting is getting to me.

Anyway I thought I would show some of a calender that Sue and I have put together from last years outings, which we have hanging in the kitchen.  I hope you like them..

Daisy at Capstone Park, one of our favourite venues, January 2011, she looks very small in this shot.

HMS Gannet with her front mast removed during restoration February 2011

Monkey Bizz in Strood, March 2011

Leeds Castle April 2011

Daisy on the slide, Luton Recreational ground May 2011

Finally Upnor Castle and the start of the Riverside Walk, June 2011

That's half, hope you like them, thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Brilliant idea Mike! Such happy pictures to look at all year. Daisy is a joy ! I hope your Op is sorted soon cos I can tell how much it is getting you down. ... It must be difficult for Sue as well, as she can see you in pain :( Fingers crossed for a quick result! XXX

  2. Hi Mike, lovely shots......but guess who stole the show again !!!
    Hope everything gets sorted soon for your op, and thank you both for
    taking the trouble to visit my blog and say such lovely compliments.......
    They mean so much,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Thanks both for the good wishes, hoping for a date on Monday. Fingers arm and legs crossed..XX

  4. Yup Chris she did, the one on the slide is the one for me as well as Upnor Castle

    Finger xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    for Monday