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Thursday, 5 April 2012

In search of the Power Station!

Hi folks,

After our visit to Upnor Castle on Sunday, I stood on the Ramparts and looked towards Eileen' s Power Station in the distance. To the uninitiated there is a standing joke about Power Stations and we always pop one in to our blogs from time to time.

As we looked down the river I thought it might be a good idea to try to walk to it. (what a silly idea I hear you cry), still why not trundle along the beach anyway in its direction.

Here we are outside the Ship Inn looking down the river and at this point the Power Station was no more as it had sunk below the horizon, it just goes to show how high up the castle was. In the distance we could see the light ships so off we went to get a closer look.

The beach was pebbles with not a lot going on apart from a few dog walkers and this old boot.

A bit further along was the old boat which was about as interesting as the old boot, all in all worn out and falling to bits..

The bank was well eroded exposing the soil and causing the trees to collapse onto the beach.

This tree was on it's last legs, sorry roots.

Then we heard the hooter of the Yacht Club as they got the boats ready to sail . There was a hive of activity here in stark contrast to the quite beach before.

As they set sail down river with very little wind I wondered how long it would take them to get back to the club house. If you look closely you can just spot the Millennium Sculpture to the far left bank across the river which depicts a sail.

As we continued our walk along the beach I noticed that we were nearly opposite Gillingham Strand as you can see with the Gasometer in the background.

We continued along and found this wall slowly decaying into the beach by the tides

We had walked quite away and arrived at the old Lightships that Trev and I had photographed from St Mary's Island. They looked in a sorry state as we got close to them.

On and on we went until Sue has had enough and stopped. I was intrigued as to where the silly Power Station had gone so I walked on a bit further as we both had phones to keep in touch.

Where the heck was it? well I walked though Hoo Marina boat yard and I could see the old girl's chimney in the distance. I took a picture there and didn't go any further.  I turned around as Sue was already on her way back. I caught up with her near the Ship PH and we walked back to the car at Upnor Castle.

We really enjoyed the walk and drove home for tea.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. You are going to get a smack when she returns.

    Nice blog Mike, I have not been that close to the lightship.

    1. Hi Trev, your very quite picture wise, all ok? Yes the lightship was a bit of a dissapointment really.

  2. Lovely pictures Mike. I would not have walked that far.

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for the comment, yes I had a job but got to get fit for Summer. We hadn't intended to walk that far.

  3. Lovely pictures Mike. I would not have walked that far.

    1. You published twice Jean, dont worry the blog is getting old and it does that sometimes. It seems that when you hit the publish button it takes a while to actually post, silly blog.X

  4. Mmmmmmm I'm watching you!! Got a PS down here as well to contend with! Lovely pictures tho Mike i felt I was walking along with you .... I'm worn out now. The sail boats reminded me of 'Howards Way' I use to watch that years ago ... your pictures brought back some happy days . xxx

    1. Hello Eileen, I noticed on my trip trip London they are everywhere. Glad you liked the blog, I am burying myself into them as it sometimes helps me forget about my headaches which I feel is rather strange.

      You remember Howard's Way, hey that woz in black and white.

      Hope your holiday is going ok, we keep looking at wot Daisy and Holly are up to. XX

  5. Hi Mike, like walking down memory lane.....not that we've been there, just that it reminds us of some places we've visited in the past.
    Its like being on a magical mystery tour...following your blog,
    Thank you Mike !!!
    chris and Dave R