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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Teapot Island Revisited.

Hi folks,

Being as they say in the UK "changeable" we thought that we would play safe and go back to this lovely place in Yalding  nr Maidstone, Kent to see what else has been added to this fine assortment of teapots.

We were greeted by the proprietors with open arms, they had found the blog and were really pleased with it. So much so that we were ushered in to have another look as they had added a load more.

To finish off I thought that this one was quite appropriate at this time.

Hope you enjoyed  the trip as much as we did.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, love Mike XX


  1. Just lovely photos as usual from the expert Mike !!!! Well done ... You do know how to find some great places to visit ...

  2. Hi Mike,
    I love the loin one
    Nice blog

  3. Beautiful pictures Mike ... just a joy to look at. I am having all sorts of trouble leaving comments on blogs.. I left a large message on the 'Maidstone ' post .... now it's gone!!! As kids we were taken to Maidstone Zoo. I remember a little Train running from the entrance into the Zoo ... I can't remember where the Zoo actually was.... is the Park you went to It ?????

    E xx

    1. Hi Eileen, you this was the park you went to, it has now been bought by Maidstone Borough council and is a really nice park now, well worth a visit.

      Shame about the blogs, I am having loads of trouble with corrupted images and also leaving comments. I cant get a boarder around a picture for love or money. Ps I have sent loads of feedback as well.

      The park is on the road from the Malta Inn to Aylesford and the do food up till 3 pm, well worth a visit with your two puppies, they and you will love it. XX

  4. Fabulous post the 'heart' teapot !!!
    chris and Dave R

  5. What fabulous teapots - amazing. So pleased Eileen pointed me in this direction to see the photos.

  6. over from Eileen's blog love this post so very very English can't beat a good teapot! Shaz in Oz.