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Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Pingo, Kermit and Daisy at the Seaside

Hi folks,

well again it's Tuesday and being that they threatened snow for Wednesday we decided to go to the seaside as it might be the last for a while.

Whitstable was chosen as the favoured place as it was not too far, so off we went with Pingo, Kermit   and a picnic heading for the beach.

Now Pingo belongs to her Nursery School, he has a diary to record his life and Friday was the turn of Daisy to take him home until her next Nursery visit which is tomorrow, Wednesday.  Her mum, Claire recorded his life with Daisy from Saturday until Monday and it fell to us to give Pingo something to write about Tuesday and Wednesday.

The above picture will be in Pingos' diary.  Looking back at his Diary, which hasn't been going for long, he has played racing cars, been on car journeys, the park, Sainsburys' and the beach to name but a few.  We were very lucky because when we arrived at noon the sun was shinning for the "photo shoot" and Daisy positioned herself on the beach for her picture.  All Sue has to do is print it and put it in Pingos' diary with the story of his time at Nanny and Granddads'.

She started to climb up the beach near to Sue to select a pebble, don't know why she didn't want the million or so that were at her feet, but then that's children for you.  We had our picnic on the sea wall with the sun shining but then it went in and got a bit chilly.

Daisy put on her cardigan and had some fun throwing pebbles into the water.

She started to get quite good at this and I think Kermit approved.

After a while she got a bit tired and sat on the Groin to rest.

This is her favourite pose now, it used to be tipping her head but now it's crossing her knees.

Guess where the stone is??, in this shot she let go rather suddenly and can you see where it ended up?  This is like the old "Spot the Ball" competitions, it is not where you think it is.

It started to drizzle about 3pm so home we came after a lovely day out with our precious Daisy.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I guess you can or can't see it but I can't.

    Daisy is lovely, and I won't tickle her knees this week.

    Have a good time taking her back Mike

  2. Not sure what happened but I posted a comment on here and it is missing.

  3. Making memories Mike......Such a lovely little poppit !!
    chris and Dave r

  4. Look close to Daisy's tummy in the last shot Trev.

    Hope all went aright today.