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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Gone to Pot!

Hi folks,

Had to work today, so looked back through some teapots I took Wednesday to complete the event.

Good old Mr Blair and the hunting saga

The one with the green labels are newly acquired

Well that's the last of the teapots, go and have a look yourself it's a fun place to go to.

I must say I enjoyed taking the teapots, the lighting and the plastic sheeting were a challenge to say the least.

Just over a week to go before my operation, after that I hope to get more active in my other hobbies and get away for a break.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite , luv Mike XX


  1. Hello Mike, love the flower teapots !
    Have a good weekend my friend !!
    chris and Dave R

  2. They all look Great Mike.

  3. I love the Teapot pictures Mike and will be going to see them for myself... The clarity of the pictures is stunning ... well done. How long will they be keeping you in for, regarding the Op mike? At least when it is done you can say bye bye to the pain! Eileen xx

    1. Should be overnight, glad you like the teapots. XX