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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chatham Dockyard with Daisy

Hi folks,

Due to the wash out yesterday we were even more determined to get out today and with the sun shining off we went. Loads of people had the same idea and went to Chatham Dockyard as it is still the Easter break and there were extra things for children.  We did a picnic to eat whilst there and had a lovely time.

This is her getting stuck into drawing and Collage in a room set aside for the youngsters which I thought was a nice touch in the holidays. We did give her a bit of help but they were her apples on the tree and her windows and flowers.

Daisy likes to think she's in charge and here she is in the Captains chair on the Cavalier

I see the masts are now in place on the Gannet and she looks great after the work.

Daisy in posing mode again, I have found that she has to be in the right mood for this and sometimes she just goes over the top, this is one of a dozen or so that she posed for today and asked for her picture to be taken!  Amazing!

We have been upstairs in No 3 Slip several times but not recently, when we walked up Daisy said "Wow" and kept her mouth wide open.  There is Daisy and Nanny in the distance!

Little legs was getting a bit tired at this stage after her mammoth visit around the place and laid on the seat pretending to be asleep.

The clouds were starting to roll in about 3pm so we thought we would push off for home, we did have a little sprinkling of rain on the way so we timed it just right.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, love Mike XX


  1. Nice one Mike

    Daisy looks good, I shall miss seeing her tomorrow.

  2. Aww lovely post Mike ... Shame about the Easter weather! Still, at least you got out and about yesterday. A delightful post about a delightful little girl with a lovely name.... Mmmmmm where have I heard that before?

    Eileen xx

  3. You'll miss her after the Easter holiday....Is Daisy at school yet !
    I miss my grandaughter, now she's at 'big school' as she calls it !!
    Still Mike, it wont be long till summer holidays and hopefully some good weather
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Thanks.

    # Chris , we have her till Seotember then she goes to school all week and will we miss her. Still I hope we can have her in the holidays #Eileen, yes it's GREAT having two Daisy's. XX