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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Upnor Castle, Kent

Hi folks,
Well after the sighting of the dog on the pub roof garden we continued down towards the Castle. As I am partially retired we thought we would have a bash at English Heritage sites and from 1st April their season starts in earnest so we joined recently.

View of the Castle from the other side of the river via my personal Helicopter!    No, not really, this was taken last year when the trees were in leaf from the Chatham Outlet Centre and St Mary's Island across the River Medway.

Note the flagpole and leafless trees as we approached the entrance and across the lawn to the gate.

the entrance gate.

Looking out across the river towards Chatham Outlet Centre with the two towers that are super apartments sporting views of the river and Upnor Castle.

The castle was built to defend our Fleet which was moored near here and these gun emplacements were called into action.

What can you see burning on the horizon?...................

Yes it's Eileen's old favourite, for Eileen especially, the houses of St Mary's Island and in the background The Power Station.

Our Sues' gate, she liked this and I thought you might like it also.

Through the gateway and up to the Courtyard.

To finish off another one of Sue's looking across the river towards St Mary's Island.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Now who is asking for a slap>>>>>>>

    Nice Mike as I never seen inside.

  2. Watch out Mike ! Susie's shots are really good, love the 'gate' and your 'entrance gate'.....are you two in competition LOL !
    Chris and Dave R

    1. No Chris, more partners than competition.

  3. Some beautiful shots of Upnor Castle. The shot from the other side of the Medway really shows what a beautiful castle this is.