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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Back to the Smoke.

Hi folks,

I just thought I would share an image with you  that I took on my last trip to London.

This was taken after a long and extensive search of my belongings. I was then allowed on the second floor of the Mayors office which has a wonderful view across the water. I had a lot of trouble as the glass had a coating on it which meant a lot of processing to get it looking natural. this is the only way you can get the tower straight on without the street furniture on this side of the river. hope you like it.

On Monday I shall return to London Bridge but alas no cameras as I will be staying in over night at Guys.

Sorry for the short blog but after next week I will get out and about a lot more.

Thanks for looking.

Have a good weekend, luv Mike xx


  1. Good luck for monday Mike ! Hope the food is better than I had ! Wonderful shot by the way !!
    We shall be thinking of you....take care!
    chris and Dave R

  2. glad to see you were busy while Sue and I got wet and windswept at the antiques fair.

  3. Lovely shot Mike ... hope all goes well for you Monday and you are out and about very quickly ! xx

  4. Thanks all for the good wishes. XX