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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Back to Pompy!!

Hi folks,

Well it's a long story but as Trev says, " I could not get out today" so I thought you would like to see a few more from the Portsmouth Kite Festival which was on over the last Bank Holiday weekend.

First up Tweety Pie, he is on a line suspended from a kite above called "a lifter". Air enters his body to keep him inflated via the vent in his head.

There were various banners around the arena, this one is by the Wind Gallery which depicts the sound of music in the wind, you can just make out the notes.

There you are, a close up.

As you can see the field is awash with kites and themes, notice the three Elephants and the flying Pig as well as many more. Go on see how many you can find

Now we have an Edo, a very large kite with a large sail area. The kite has many lines to keep it from breaking whilst high in the air, you can make out the lines tied around each other for storage. 

Tomorrow I will show a few of these magnificent kites in the air. Stay tuned.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I just love your Kite posts... more, more,MORE !!!
    Eileen xxxx

  2. Hi Mike, such an array of colour !! It must be fantastic to witness
    these displays......Has Daisy ever been to see them...I'd love to see the look on her face as she watches these beauties !!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Hi Chris, Sue is sending an e-mail as I write this.
      Daisy has seen the and is going to a local festival on Sunday which is called Bikes and Kites so she should be in her element. XX

  3. Hi Mike, Your lovely wife needs to check out my blog ASAP !!!!!!

    1. She is typing as I send this, she is over the moon to have won. XXX

  4. Love the kites, especially the one with the notes, and the flying pig.

  5. I love Tweety Pie Mike, that that me back

    Too busy today to put up a blog but i have to stay in tomorrow......

    Not a PS in site, bad news.....