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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Olympic Cable Car and the Birthday Girl

Hi folks,

On Saturday it was Margaret's birthday and she arranged a trip to London with eight of us and only one did not have a bus pass. We set off from home with two cars and traveled to Eltham where we parked the cars and got a bus to the O2 Arena. Bit of fun was had as we were all enjoying the bus ride and acting like recycled teenagers.

The weather did not know what to do as usual but we all made the most of it and made our way to the terminal to get the cable car across the river.

On our way we passed this unusual building which was made up of tiles and stood out in the skyline.

We looked up at the cars from the ground and wondered what was in store for us in the air.  Roger one of the group took charge of the tickets as we were a group of eight. He stopped an official and told him that we had pre-booked tickets and he took us to the front of the queue. I tell you we felt like royalty as he lead us straight to a car ahead of the queues. Well done Roger.

Off we went up in the air, it was amazing to travel so quietly across the sky.

Below was the Dome now called the O2 arena, the windows were a bit funny to look out of and the glass was different shades which made a few of the pictures a bit dull but never mind we were enjoying the ride.

Here was the birthday girl enjoying the ride with all eight of us in one car singing " Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you"

As we sailed through the air we got quite close to the other ones going in the opposite direction.

Coming back to earth we duly arrived on the other side and I must say it was a great experience.

As the cars don't stop we quickly alighted and were helped off by the two nice young ladies which had made our day.

What did we do on the other side? Well you will have to wait for the next installment.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. What was it "come along Granddad mind the step"..hee

    Happy Birthday to Margaret even if it is a day late.

    Nice overhead picture Mike...

    1. are you not old then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Not another lot of happy birthday's I was singing it in my bed. Glad to enjoyed your day, I certainly did. Thank Trevor for his birthday wishes. fabulous views.

  3. Wonderful photography Mike......And a very happy birthday to Margaret !
    Cable car rides are awesome......We did a few in Switzerland.....
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Love Switzerland we have done loads there also. Thanks for your lovely comments always well received XX

  4. Nice photos. Birthday girl look very happy xx

  5. Oooo what a fabulous post !! Glad you had such a great day Margaret. Superb Pictures Mike. Captured all the 'flavour ' of the day !
    Eileen xxx