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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Snapshot of Shorne Woods Country Park

Hi again folks,

Well it was the end on an era as it was the last trip with Daisy to Ashford and her Nursery as she starts big school on Thursday. We all decided to go to his Park on the edge of Strood no realizing that the M2 motorway was closed due to an accident. " It will be clear in a couple of hours we thought" so undaunted we carried on to the park.

Where was all the wildlife we thought, with this lone female Mallard sitting on the pond by the Sensory Garden.

Well we had to make he most of it as the pond gave up some nice reeds.

The gardens themselves where a bit sparse but these survived.

There was only one thing for it and that was to get walking so off we went, I then noticed that the sun was starting to drop giving better light in the afternoon.

Fern by a tree showing signs of autumn on it's way with it's leafs starting to go brown.

Fallen tree from many years ago being covered in Ferns.

We came into the clearing and this tree white due to its end of life still standing majestically on it's own.

This fallen tree reminded me of a Rhino.

Further on was a Sculpture carved in wood depicting a hand holding a flint.

I though the detail was fantastic and the sculpture really bought the hand to life.

Hope you enjoyed the park.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. lovely photos of the unusual shaped trees. the tall one looks like a horse rearing up.shame about the lonely mallard.

  2. I love Shorne Park thanks for trip around.... My fave picture is the hand holding the flint ... good shot there Mike xx
    E xx

  3. Still a bit behind Mike, but it was a good afternoon out

    You flint was a lot better than mine.

  4. I love the old 'dead' tree ! Sort of 'majestic' looking !
    Chris and Dave R