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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Bloors Wharf with Trev

hi folks,

here I am trying to catch up from last week when we both went  to the river bird watching, don't get me wrong but I feel you really need a long sharp lens for his stuff but he ho, off we went.

All the interesting birds seemed to be miles away down by the waters edge so I snapped this er Gull with his reflection in a pool on his own.

I looked out for something to take a picture of and got this old hulk rotting away on the mud.

This was driving me to drink, the gull was eyeing up the green bottle hoping here was a tipple inside it. I was then on my own as Trev had gone back to the car to get his spotter scope to try to see the birds on the shore line.

Waiting for Trev I spotted this craft that had run aground on the other side of the river, there was no one on board. Still a result, I got the Fort as well.

Trev came back and set up his scope but the wind has getting up so we didn't get to see much. Meanwhile I had to get this one, Sorry Eileen but the sun go it just right.

I was getting cold and bored by his time so I took this nut whilst playing with depth of field.

We packed up and I saw there berries on the way back to the car.

Well that's it, work yet again tomorrow, still looking on the bright side the holiday is coming.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Well this is a good collection of animal, vegetable and mineral, nice and varied. xx

  2. Hi Mike, old hulk, old nut and a .......dare I say it......a Power Station !!
    oh boy, thats risky with Eileen....Now are you sure you want to show that ????
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Glad to see you didn't use the S word when naming the Gull! Both close ups are Black Headed Gulls in eclipse.

  4. Sailing close to the wind wot!
    I like that rusty nut as it came out well.

    You no that I can't resist the PS.. lol

  5. Glad you pointed out that the gull was eyeing up the bottle, I was trying to work out what sort of bird it was. What is the name of the fort? Thanks for the red berries.

  6. Well... I gotta say, these are all a bit of all right! Super in fact... even the PS!!!!!! Love 'em.

  7. WOT!!, you like the POWER STATION.

  8. You got away with that Mike.

    I see what you mean re the boat. I wonder what the cause was?