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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Final Olympic Hurdle

hi folks,

well good old Roger, well young Roger as he has not been issued with a bus pass yet. Off he went again to the front of the queue and worked his magic and lo and behold on we went again up to the front. We talk about like Royalty, I recon Roger should get a knighthood. we done that man.

 Just before we left looking down the river towards the barrer.

Back in the air with the balls below, £1 per minute that's a £1 as I took the picture.

High up and back across the river. The views were stunning as we broke into "Happy Birthday again"

Back to Greenwich, I see they have protected the pylon from shipping.

More girls to greet us, this way please.

At the O2 Arena lots were going on this ride was very tall.

Every were was clean and tidy with an abundance of flowers everywhere.

Lastly we arrived back at the Dome, opps 02 Arena and headed for the bus and a cup of tea at Betty's.

Then back home of a party at Margaret' s.

All go this retirement lark.

Thanks for joining us.

nite nte, Luv Mike XXX


  1. Thanks mike for a wonderful blog I will always remember my birthday you must let me have some photos to send to Helen. will pass on you lovely comments to Roger when I see him Thursday.

    1. No problems on the photos, just got to safe for a new printer. XX

  2. I enjoyed every bit of Margaret's Birthday blogs Mike... and it was just great to see you, Sue and the delightful Daisy yesterday... E xx

  3. Retirement....all go? you're telling me ! I am so busy lately and I'm sure I never used to feel so tired !!! All good though !!!
    Well Mike you live up to your name blog post
    Bye bye till next week !
    Chris and Dave R