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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Daisy came to visit

Hi folks,

well what a Sunday we had, Sue, Claire, Ian, Daisy and I were all going to take a picnic to Capstone park to see the kites but the weather put pay to that. Not deterred we had lunch here and enjoyed the families company whilst the rain came down.

Daisy is now at school and starts full time tomorrow and as we are going away, time was even more precious and her visits less frequent.

She spent some time with her sketch pad drawing a "Monster".

Close up of the drawing done in her own hand as Daddy has been giving her instruction on how to draw. Note the arms sticking out of it's head.

Here he is after some tuition having a well earned rest.

Mummy catching up on all the news.

Just a note, Daisy took all the pictures except the two with her in them, what a clever girl.

Well that's the end of another week but not to long before the holiday.

Thanks for looking.

Ps mus  pick up a new keyboard  omorrow, his one keeps loosing i ,s TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT's

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Ahhhh....Such a precious little girl Mike,
    We treasure our grand children....I, like you
    shall miss them whilst away...albeit only a week for us !!! Beautiful photography Mike !!!
    all the best
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Chris, on behalf of Daisy and I, thank you for your lovely comments on our photography. I took those of her and she took the rest, her mum even said she is good at getting the subject in the centre of the viewfinder. All I did was support the camera as it was a bit heavier and mine. xx

  2. Yes lovely pictures .. Well done Daisy and Sue! .. Such a bright little girl, she will do well at school.
    E xx

  3. Lovely photos of Daisy, she is looking so grown up now, she takes very good photos, shame about the weather,I'm sure you all had a lovely time indoors.

    1. It was a great day even though it rained.

  4. as well as "T"

    Daisy is lovely

    1. my ttttttt's are now ok, new £16 keyboard installed. last of the big spenders.