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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Seaside and the Cats!

Hi folks,

on Saturday they, that is the weather people were telling us that Sunday would be a right off so after the bridge naming we shot off to the seaside. Down the A2 we trundled and headed into Seasalter which is next to Whitstable and a walk along the seafront.

First off we spotted the Thames Barge on it's return trip back to Faversham going past the forts. It was a bit far away and the sun was affecting the image giving it a shimmer. Well that's my excuse.

I thought about a theme for the afternoon and decided on posts, well there is a lot of them at the seaside propping up the groynes.

This one was nice with a variety of plants around it's base.

This one had it's own decoration.

Well we were getting bored with posts so we went in the cafe for a cup of tea and a piece of bread pudding, lovely it was too.

As we left the cafe we noticed the tide was fast coming in and the was a lot of activity in the yacht club, they had raised the Jolly Roger so it looked like some action was about to start.

I'm not a chauvinist but I must say the girls on the beach certainly worked hard getting the boats ready.

Here's a bloke checking the ropes before they set sail.

That's right girl, get your back into it and get those wheels back up the beach..

Just to please you women, she is still at it whilst he seems to be doing the easy work.

It took and hour and a quarter for them to get launched but it was worth it, pop back tomorrow to see the spectacle on the sea.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. That reminds me when I went sailing in a mirror years ago.

    Good Blog

  2. Great 'POST' Mike......and great 'POSTS' !!!
    That lady must have muscles like popeye.......
    Brings back memories for me too !!!
    Ah well, better start packing my case !!!!!!!!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Yes, we are starting to get ready as well. Don't forget your $ xxx thanks for your lovely comment

    2. Sue says "go west young lady" and have a lovely time, wish the bride and groom all the best. xxx

  3. Well the weathermen were right for once it hasn't stopped raining. Great photos, not all women are feeble,most of us work hard, The jelly shoes looked lonely did they have an owner nearby?.

  4. I have the utmost respect for MOST women, you all work very hard.

    Those Jelly shoes were waiting for the tide to take them away, no owner to be seen anywhere. xx

  5. Super post with super post pictures Mike .... We are off down to Dungerness at the weekend if the weather is kind... I haven't been to Sea salter for years but love Whitstable a lot ! Great seafood restaurants !
    Wot is Trevs mirror????
    E xx