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Friday, 7 September 2012

Shorne Woods Country Park 2

Hi folks,

here is a few more from the park yesterday.

Walking through the woods.

Dappled light on the woodland floor.

Broken and Sawn.

Coming out onto the Knole

Interesting pattern on bark.

End of the trail, so about turn back to the centre for a cup of tea.

Scattered sunlight through the canopy.

Berries and Honeysuckle.

Well back o the car we trundled unbenowing that the traffic was still snarled up on the A2. So we had to come home via the Medway Tunnel and Gillingham.

Hope you enjoyed Shorne Woods.

Thanks for dropping in.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. More lovely photos, I like the one with the leaves, it looks like someone had dropped white paint over the leaf.

  2. I still wish that the light was on the other side but all turned out well accept one of mine, yours are brilliant

  3. Yes ... I agree with Trev ... these pictures are brilliant ... I was walking with you ... feel cool and refreshed now! ... Super stuff!

    E xx

  4. A lovely trip Mike....once again I loved the patterned bark of that lovely old Tree !
    Cheers Mike !
    Chris and Dave R