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Monday, 3 September 2012

Olympic side of the River

Hi folks,

when we got to the other side of the river, hoarse with singing "Happy Birthday", at first they told us that we had to go straight back as our ticket was a 360 but our Roger took charge and we ended up being allowed to stay on the North side of the river.

There was quite a lot going on...................

This chap was really set up for the occasion with his red , white and blue, come on team GB.

We were wondering about this place but there were workmen inside, I hope they weren't going to start pulling it down. It was a lovely glass building right by the waters edge.

Then there were these balls that you could get inside and roll about, at £1 per minute I would be rolling about laughing at that price.

Then there was this chap, above his head was a wire which pulled him along. If he fell which in his case was quite often he let go of the trigger and the cable stopped, clever that..

Then he got the hang of it, little did he know that he was about to crash.

Getting back to the Olympics, the cable cars were in full swing bringing folks across the water to the venues.

The games would not have taken place without the volunteers I tried to nick a hand and got told that all the children wanted them. Bet we see them is Toys R Us next week.

We have all heard that the Olympics is doing a lot for the environment, well I think these Mallards are taking it a bit too far. What a load of rubbish to build a nest on. Perhaps they are looking for Gold Medals.

Cars still arriving, from Dubai even welcome No. 23.

Whats this lot up too, here we were all crammed in the lift for our journey back to Greenwich.

All we need is Roger to take charge, he's the one back left and if we will get Royal Treatment back to the 02 arena.

From left to right we have Keith, Roger, Betty (hiding) Margaret (Birthday Girl), Sue, Gillian and the little one in front Hilary, it's a wonder we all didn't get locked up.

Thanks for looking.

Find out in the concluding part, if Roger can work his magic again.

Nite nite, Luv Mike xx


  1. Yet again you do a post full of variety and interest....not to mention your great shots Mike !
    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Thanks Chris, you are willing me on to improve the blog. XX

  2. Super duper post Mike... Loved reading this and looking at the pics.
    Very interesting and entertaining. My heart melted at the picture of the Ducks!
    Thanks Mike.
    Eileen xxx

    1. Cheers Eileen, I wonder where all the male Mallards went?

  3. Thanks Mike for the lovely photos,a wonderful day to remember. still got the singing in my ears. Betty wasn't happy about Roger taking charge. I was glad he did. see you tomorrow.

    1. I have only praise for Roger, without him the day would not have been the success it was. x

  4. Hi Mike, you dont need to improve anything.....Its great just as it is !
    Well Dave and I are off again in the morning to Dawlish.....Thought we would take advantage of the weather.....Probably the last time in the caravan this year....and off to Las vegas on 30th sept for my eldest daughters wedding !
    Will be back on Monday and will certainly catch up with your lovely blog,
    Have a brilliant week, both of you !!!
    Chris and Dave R
    xxxxxx P.s. No mandala this week as they are having a catch up week,
    Normal service will resume next week !