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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

High view of St. Augustine and Last Blog for a day or Two

Hi folks,

Lovely day today, so we made the most of it and made our way to the Lighthouse and me to climb the 219 stairs to the top. We also went to the beach, well lets get started.

We had a job to find it with the car and with hindsight taken the Trolley to the site.

The staircase is 219 steps to the top, so I left Sue in the shop to look around whilst I started the climb.

Well, I made it to the top with a couple of breathers on the way. Looking over I could see the  extended light house keepers residence.

Shadow of the lighthouse from the top, the green is the top of the tree camopy

St Augustine from the top, you can see the town in the distance. It is such a beautiful town with loads on lovely buildings including the Flagler College and Museum .

Wider view showing the Bridge of Loins to the right.

Back on earth and a breather we went to the beach, these are sea oats growing in the sand.

The sand in the beech is so fine you really have to watch the camera but as the wind had dropped I chanced it. Look ant the sand it glistened in the sun.

Last shot of my warm foot showing how soft the sand was.

Thanks for looking, thousands of other images to look at once we get home, when we get home that is.

The blog has only just scratched the surface. Glad you have all tagged along.

The next blog will be when we get home.

Update on travel, just checked the Airport and all on time (fingers crossed) also many thanks to James for a wonderful day.

nite, nite, luv Mike and Sue XX


  1. You must post your right foot sometime!
    I took the free audio tour while he bravely climbed all those steps, very interesting it was too.
    Thank you to all our friends and supporters for coming on holiday with us.

    Sue Goodes xx

  2. Thanks for sharing all your pictures and taking the time to blog everyday... Super holiday, I enjoyed every minute! Wish I was on that beach.. bit nippy here! Safe journey home.

  3. Thank you Mike and Sue for sharing your wonderful
    adventure.....Would'nt have missed it for anything !!
    Have a safe trip home..........Now I must have a cuppa
    and a sit down.....all those steps up the lighthouse
    has worn me out !!! Great pics from up there !!!!!!!!!
    Chris and Dave R

  4. I share Eileen's thoughts, I have had a wonderful trip to the USA thanks to your daily blog. can't wait to have you both home safe to share your adventures and see your photos. glad to hear your flight won't be delayed. Email me if you want any milk or bread. love Margaret

  5. Thanks all, Fights still ok 07.10am here so will will see.
    Thanks you three for sticking with us, it has made it all worth while doing the blog and thanks to all you lookers that came along for the long ride and commented on Face book or as our friend calls it " the book of faces".
    See you on the other side of the pond.
    Lots of love Mike and Sue XX

    1. good trip,good pics/rather envious - see you 8am friday this side of the pond

      bernard dodge

  6. Put your woolies on you two, you have had a wonderful time and shared it with us all. Now is the time to come down to earth and come back home.

    I look forward to seeing the rest Mike.

    BTW a young man like you should have run up those stairs like a two year old. Now poor Sue......

    1. Hi Trev, it was 52f here this morning, so getting used to it.

  7. Well car gone, cases gone, Sue is still with me in Jacksonville Airport and shopping.
    Using airport wifi, good init.
    See you all on the flip side.

  8. Cant wait to see your new Kites St Mildreds on Sunday if you can but don't bring the weather with you

  9. You don't want sunshine and blue skies then?