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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Kite Flying at Walmer nr. Dover Kent

Hi folks,

we packed Winnie (that's the name of the new Motor home) and set off for the coast for a quick dose of Kite flying, I must admit it wasn't going to be as good as Treasure Island, Florida but we had fun anyway.

This is Winnie on the seafront at Walmer, can you spot our Sue lounging about inside?

Look you folks across the pond we do get blue skies once in a while. This is my new Prism kite all the way from the States, I loved the colours.

Say hello to Barry, the husband of Janet who you will see later, see we are a happy lot despite the cold.

Janet and Sue would you believe having a natter, come on get that kite up!!

We had a bit of trouble launching as the wind was coming off the land and across the buildings on the sea front. This is an Oustend Bird Kite owned and flown by Barry, Janet's other half.

Come on where's the sunshine gone?  Walmer was a thriving fishing village but in the decline only a few boats are left.

Another scene with Lobster pots all around, this reminds me of my garage at home.

Janet finally got it to fly but will it stay in the air? Watch tomorrow and see the expression on her face to find out if she succeeded. Will anyone else turn up for the event and will Winnie make it back home? Well is this not exciting or what!

See you all tomorrow, thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Loved this Mike! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ooooooo ... roll on the next chapter!

    Love 'Winnie' .. super pictures as normal from you Mike.... Winnie will be a real asset as you set off on all your British adventures.... Can't wait!
    E xx

  3. That Winnie looks the business, we'll have to have a chat with OTL and do a 'Royal Visit' when the weather gets better.

    OTL loves the colours of the kites, always bright and vivid!


    1. Will put out the red carpet for you to sniff. XX

  4. A brilliant blog Mike, Glad you enjoyed your day out in the camper.

    Yes It looks like Sue is waving to us

  5. It nice to know simple thing make you happy, Like have wind for your kites, and being able to make a cup of tea in Winnie, pity the fish and chip shop was closed. you missed a treat.When the weather is better, will treat you both to fish and chips.

    1. Right, trip to Walmer in the Spring and your buying, No this is not Keith talking. XX

  6. Looked like a great day for kite flying !
    And 'Winnie' looks super....very accomodating !!
    Chris and Dave R

  7. Sorry I wasn't fit enough to be there! Shame about the Chippy they have been a good source of central heating on previous visits!

  8. Poor Stephen, get better soon, you missed the sausage rolls.