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Friday, 7 December 2012

Last night on Treasure Island

High folks,

continuing on our October holiday. it was our last night on Treasure Island which is situated to the west of St Pete's on a causeway all on its own surrounded by water. You have to travel over many bridges to get there.

As the light faded we strolled along the beach reflecting on a wonderful three days. Meeting lots of kiting friends and taking part in their  activities, it was a wonderful time indeed. You remember the Pelican on the curb a few days ago well this one was now in the air and about to get his dinner as they always seem to fish as the sun starts to go down.

He spy's his dinner and down he goes diving into the water for his prey. These birds really are amazing considering the size and shape.

Bang he goes into the water, the strange thing is that every time he dives he closes one eye to protect it an each time he hits the water he losses a little more of his sight until he is blind in that eye. Next he uses his other eye until sadly he becomes blind and dies of starvation.

On a lighter note, this Heron also feeds by plunging his head under water but not from a great height so protecting his eyes,

Lastly, as the sun sets on out last day on this fantastic island it is tine to leave and travel south down the west coast of Florida.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, Luv Mike


  1. Hi folks,
    There is a problem with Blog comments because I receive an e-mail notification of comments but they are not always showing up on the actual blogs.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, even those that do not show up for all to see.

  2. These birds look so 'ungainly' in flight.......But your great photography shows their beauty.....Well done Mike !
    Love that glorious sunset too !!
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Lets see if this one shows up here!!! Super pictures Mike... wonderful sunset ... thanks for the email letting me know about the problem ... !
    E xxx

  4. That is great the Pelican.

    As I walk round to get the papers yesterday, about 0730 a Grey Heron flew over. He was most lightly from Northward Hill