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Sunday, 30 December 2012

St Augustine Florida, Part 1

Hi Folks,

In October Sue and I went for a month to the South Eastern United States and finished up at our favorite city which we have been to many times. Please share with me my memories of this wonderful place.

We start with a tour of the mission which is situated on the marshes at the Matanaz River.

This magnificent cross towers over the mission and was erected in 1966 to commemorate 400 years since Christianity began in Florida.

Little Egret in the grounds. 

The cross weighs 70 tons and is reinforced against high winds and stands by the river.

We call it a bottle brush plant but I'm sure that it has a real name.

One of the many shrines in the grounds.

Had to have a reflection.

Final image as the sun sank in the evening light

Thanks for looking.

nit nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Mike, such a peaceful post from you today ! Love all the shots in this post,
    and the 'reflection'one is awesome!!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Love this post peaceful and such a serene place... We had a 'bottle brush' plant in our garden... it was thriving and strong, then all of a sudden it died! Lovely to see you both and Winnie today. :) xxxx

  3. Well I am trying to catch up again Mike. I have been busy since Christmas Day but things are almost back to normal.
    That Egret had a long neck wot.

    70 Tons for the cross I would not want to drop that on my foot..

    See you Tuesday