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Monday, 10 December 2012

Yes She has done it!!

Hi folks,

well did the kite stay up?

Well of course it did, Janet with a smile on her face..

This is the kite she was flying, it looks like a Wolf and what a beautiful kite it was.

Us kite flyers have all done this, and she is still smiling. (see Winnie looking on).

Well as a few more turned up by lunchtime, we were going to have fish and chips but the shop was closed.  From left to right, Barry, Len, Matt, Mike, Gareth, Sue and the star of the show Janet who went home as the fish shop was closed and brought back hot sausage rolls and mince pies for us all, what a lovely lady.  The Kite that Gareth is holding is a Delta Flo-Tail that I have wanted for a long time I even scoured the States looking for one, I was lucky enough to get one from him, wow, what a day.

Sue guarding my new Delta Flo-Tail.

Shame the sun went in, this is Gareth's Flo-Tail flying, a beautiful kite.

Looking up the coast there are loads of wind-turbines generating energy for our homes.

Lastly this tickled me, a beach hire bike in all its glory, note the sign on a wooden pallet telling you who to ring if you wanted to hire it.

Thanks for looking and yes we made it home ok although I have to go to Winchelsea tomorrow as Winnie needs a new clutch under warranty, should have it back for the weekend "sob"we will miss her and we have only had it ten days.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. birds nests I seen a lot of them while fishing.

    Nice Kites

  2. Lovely Janet, what a lady.......Tell Sue i'm giving her a
    wave !!! I can smell those lovely mince pies and sausage rolls,
    yummmmmmm....Great post Mike,Great kite............
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Glad you enjoyed Janet's sausage rolls and mince pies, The kite are lovely, I bet they are more complicated to fly ,the people make it look easy. Sorry to about poor Winnie, and so new to you both. See you tonight.

  4. A true KKF'er now you have a club FlowTail eh Mike.

  5. Cor .. a new Kite and a Winnie! .. you are truly blessed! Looks like a fabulous day Mike .. love the pictures. Does you good to see people happy and enjoying themselves. Enjoy your your Kiteing in 2013... Ken wants to get a camper van!

  6. Thanks Eileen, you will need a BIG Camper Van with those two puppies you got.
    Our van is quire small but I want to enjoy driving it and also to have room to store on the drive and see out the front door. XX