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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Wonderful Weekend with Daisy

Hi folks,
well I am a bit sad now that Daisy has gone back home but we all had a wonderful weekend together finishing with the family sitting down to dinner Sunday evening.
Sunday we woke to a wonderful " sunny day" as Daisy would say and yes it was glorious although a bit cold. We all wrapped up warm and went to the Dickens Christmas Market.

I know some of you miss her in the blog so I managed what I think is a good image of her when we arrived at the event. She has really started to grow and me being biased think she is getting even more beautiful as time goes on.

We looked at a very large slide and after some discussion decided on a smaller one, so off with shoes and her hat as it posed a bit of a problem as I was worried that its tassels might get caught up. Off she went and had a great five minutes in the fun area.

Managed to get her looking through this and it made a nice frame I thought.

 Suitably dressed again and complaining of cold feet after the slide we walked along and found some snow.  It was not really snow but Daisy really liked it and we wondered were it was coming from. She was also clutching her new Elephant she won at the Duck stall were she had to pick up a Duck with a stick with a hook, she christened the Elephant, Elle.

We looked up and from the Guildhall window was a snow machine pumping out the white stuff.

Finally back along the High Street the main snow  machine started up. This machine was started on the hour exactly so it was the best and most accurate weather forecast this year. Sue and Daisy really enjoyed the snow, lets hope we don't have too much real snow this year.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. And thank you Mike for a fabulous blog post, the look on Daisy's face with the 'snow' !!
    Every shot is a gem.......
    cheers Mike
    Chris and Dave R
    P.S. The slide one is brilliant !!!!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your weekend with the loveable Daisy, I enjoyed my time with her.

  3. you can keep the snow even pretend snow.

    Daisy enjoyed herself and so did you and Sue

  4. Super post Mike.. great fun. I love the snow... bah humbug to Trev!
    Great shots of a delightful Daisy.
    E xxx