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Monday, 31 December 2012

Our Three, Four Legged Friends

Hi folks,

Well at last a nice sunny day for a change so off we went to Grain with Winnie (the camper van) to take some much needed photographs as the weather here had kept us in all week.
We arrived and went for a brisk walk along the seafront.

The clouds were still about as I took this shot across the Estuary with the beach in the foreground.

The tide was out but the groyne looked colourful.

Then our four legged friends turned up with their Master Ken, throwing the ball.  This shot is unique as Ken is normally taking the photographs. 

Here we have Daisy, the one on the left who gave me the hairy eyeball treatment.  Holly is on the right, we then had a walk together along the shore.

Daisy is the one who writes a blog, ain't she clever, if you don't believe me go to the link.

We went back to their house for some lunch and I got this one of Holly.

If you look on Daisy's blog you will learn all about the talk of the town, Snowflake who was rescued from behind the shed and is now living in the shower, I kid you not.

After lunch we went out again to walk the dogs and after taking a few more snaps, we thought we would take the same scenes and go home to interpret what we saw. This is my shot taken into the sun.. Ken, my friend did the same, I will wait for his outcome.

Well that's it for tonight, New Years Eve Tomorrow so lots to do.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Your shots are stunning Mike........
    Isn't Snowflake a cutie !
    Ever thought of doing 'Doggy' portraits for a living lol,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. lovely photos, the dogs are cute, and snowflake appears to have a new home, liked the deserted beach.

  3. Snowflake as red eyes.

    That is a good shot with the ball in the air

    Have a good one tonight

  4. Oooooo ....what fabulous pictures of fabulous doggies...and Snowflake!
    Great stuff Mike. It was so good to see you and Sue yesterday .... I love Winnie and know you will enjoy running around in her. ..
    E xx