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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Tenterden Station, a Quick Look Around

Hi folks,
On the way back from dropping Winnie off we stopped at Tenterden Railway Station to have a break and a look around. There were no trains running as it was a weekday in the winter and there was an eerie silence about the place but I thought it warranted a few shots.

The sun was bright and it felt good to be alive so to start the season a tree which gave a feeling that Christmas was not far off.

Autumn colours bought the Signal box to life.

On the platform was this Triumph Torledo which reminded me of my youth as I used to repair lots of these.

Mid afternoon and the frost was still lingering about on the wooden sleepers

One of the Pullman coaches in the siding.

and its twin.

Add a bit of nostalgia.

To finish off a signal with the sun reflection through the red stop lens.

The train runs a service to Bodium Castle weekends and most days in the summer.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XX


  1. Good post Mike.. enjoyed it very much. Didn't know Tenderden had a station! .. Love the Navy recruitment sign ... it would be breaking the law now... Wot no Girls!!!
    E xx

  2. It show that the sun was out but not that it was very cold Mike.

    Nice shot of the Pullman.

    Not had time to do any so far this week.

  3. Nice bit of nostalgia Mike !
    The old 'TOLEDO' brings back memories.......
    Chris and Dave

  4. Wonderful photos, the old pullman coach, and the signs, I just Loved the Christmas Tree,Cheered me up, Thanks Mike.