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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winnie goes to the Van Doctor

Hi folks,

as you may well know Winnie is sick and needs a new clutch so Trevor and I went to Winchelsea to have her looked at.

We dropped her off at the garage and went to our normal place for lunch. This is beginning to get a habit and the staff now say hello as we go through the door. I had a pint as Trevor was driving and after our lunch we went to the river.

This gave us a laugh on the window, make sure you read it.

The pub was a bit spit and sawdust but the food is wonderful.

This quaint cottage is next door to the pub.

It was a bad last night for frost and I caught this in the road. You can make out the verge pattern and the wall which protected the frost from melting

Funny things in Rye, this post was adorned with shell, some of which had fell off.

Low water.

This Heron looked very sad as he tried to get out of the wind by perching behind the cockpit of the boat.

Bit too much rope for this Dingy

Ah, that's better in the sunshine now.

Well off we trotted home awaiting for the outcome of Winnie's operation, she should be home Friday.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, Luv Mike XXX


  1. The first picture of that Heron, doesn't he look miserable and fed up, poor thing!

  2. A great post mike .. all things funny about us, here, in GB land. .. even the herons have 'Attitude'! I love the quaintness of the pub and the cottage .. You have captured it all so well. Super pictures . LOL the poster in the pub window.
    E xx
    BTW Been busy making some more cards that MAY be on Telly next Tuesday!

  3. OOOh, Eileen on the Telly, wot channel and wot time must record it.
    Thanks for your lovely comment, it made the day worth while. Trev took some but he seems so busy at the moment, bless. XX

  4. Love Eileen comments agree with her comments.It just goes to show we aren't the only ones with attitude, even the wildlife have attitude. have a great trip to Rye on Friday.Hope you enjoyed last night.

    1. The Meal was lovely, you are a good egg. XX

  5. Fabulous post the sign and poor old heron !!
    Keep warm both and thanks for brightening my day !!!
    Chris and Dave R