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Friday, 28 December 2012

This is getting like the UK!

Hi folks.

We are now nearing our final week in America and as you see it's getting more like the UK every minute. Here we are in Fort Lauderdale down by the pier getting the cobwebs blown out of our hair.

There was actually some crazy sole on a surf board during this squall.

The pier certainly got a battering.

This poor chap didn't know what to make of the weather.

After all these miles I thought it was proper to mention the Taurus which purred along through Rain, Sand, Mud, I didn't wash it and at this stage it had done nearly 4,000miles

This is unique, see the filler neck with no cap, look out for this is a fuel station near you shortly.

Finally the star of the show the wife who stuck with me as the car sank in the cotton fields, held her breath for the 4 seconds we could not see the road at 70 mph at one stage on the Interstate. Did the washing by pouring quarters into the machine and was the life and soul of the journey, never complaining. (anyone want a knobbly Pumpkin). Bless her.

Just a rider to the blog which was our holiday in October just before Sandy struck.

Well back out in the English rain, thanks for looking.

nie nite, luv MikeXX


  1. Love all your American Pictures Mike. That one of Sue is a real cracker!
    E xxx

  2. Happy memories of America.Your blog made me feel like I was there.What happened to the pumpkin.

  3. She certainly is the 'STAR' OF THE SHOW !!
    Us women put up with so much from you men and never ever complain !!!.............
    Great shots Mike.....only kidding !!!!!
    Chris and Dave R