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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sidekick Comes to the Fore at Leeds Castle.

Guess what the boss had for Christmas being married to a camera nut, yes you guessed it a camera.

Unfortunately on holiday Susie's poor camera that she uses took a turn for the worst and developed a big black blob on the sensor which didn't help her pictures.

Sue, bless her really helps me in pointing out "scenes" that I sometimes miss and helps with the blog and sometimes the typing.

What do I get her Christmas, well of course a mini camera, so onto the web I go to get her one. Must be small, have a viewfinder and the same shape as my pictures so at any time I can incorporate them into the blog.

Well Happy days she took it out today and this is what she got.

Last one, ere indoors took this bird, what bird I said? The one in the tree she exclaimed. What tree? That tree in the middle of the last picture. Can you spot it???

I think she did very well, needed a bit of pushing at times but that was good for my ego.

Thanks for looking, M&S. (Mike and Sue).


  1. M&S.... love it! lol
    Sue... such superb composition in your pictures ... a true talent! ... Love them ... nice and sharp too. As fer the bird ... I THINK!!.. I saw it but what it was, is a total mystery!
    Well done
    E xxxx

  2. This is Sue's first attempt with her new camera and I think she did did very well. So I have competition which ain't a bad thing. She is always pointing out things to photograph and is now trying to learn her new camera, very pleased that she is taking the time and effort.
    Re the bird, well she is going to put it on farcebook as a guessing game. Watch this space.
    Thanks again for all your lovely comments, we know you are busy so it's even more of a complement to know that you take the time and effort. XXXX.

  3. Well done Sue the masters touch is rubbing of on you. Well done xx