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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 2

Hi folks,
Still on the first night we had to do some shopping, well such nice places who could resist.
Came across the Palladium, not like the one in the UK but very pretty with its decorations. I asked for permission to use the camera and with a shrug of the concierge's shoulders I was given the ok. Not like Bluewater where  you have to fill in forms, so refreshing. Anyway off we went and had supper in there as well. the centre boasted of 200 shops and I believed them.

Once in I was in my element.

Beautiful cylindrical decorations with round balls suspended in the centre.

From the upper floors and the escalator.

The symbol of the centre is an angle with a trumpet. There even was a KFC, by the way over there you don't get wipes for your fingers you are offered a sink with hot water, soap and a blow dryer.  Much better than the UK and "no" we didn't eat there, the food court had a vast choice of eateries you could even have lobster, we settled for fish bites and chips. Local food tomorrow.

Shopping centre done we headed into the main area of the city. Watch this blog, loads more to see...

Thanks for looking, Mike

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  1. Cor blimey... what a place!!! Makes Bluewater look small. Do you really have to fill in forms at BW to take pictures?
    Fabulous post ... off to look at the next one
    Cheers Mike
    E xx