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Monday, 15 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 3

Hi again folks,
back out of the store and heading for the Old Town Square, on our way we passed several Christmas Market stalls and at 7pm the town was bustling with people.

At the crossroads was a fantastic Christmas tree with a wooden carved Nativity Scene at its base.

 Christmas market stalls where getting more prolific and colorful.

At the corner of Wenceslas Square we came across this chap and his forge casting petals for a wrought iron flower.

Not sure elf and safety would allow this in the UK., ho, ho, ho.

Still heading to the Old Town Square we passed these two and their acrobatic performance on top of a very cold plinth.

They were so brave we had to drop a crown or two in their pot.

We passed a church on our was to the square lit up with a strange eerie light.

Next blog we arrive at the Old Town Square which was one of the reasons for coming to Prague.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Lovely and interesting,Loved the wood carving of the Nativity scene, and the man making wrought iron flowers. the Church was beautifully photography, the lighting made it magical. Mrs Egg.

  2. Another super post, stunning pictures and so interesting... yes, can just see that bloke and his 'furnace' down Chatham high street! lol
    E xxx