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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 6

Hi again folks,
we joined a tour guide to take us to parts of the city that we had not yet seen but unfortunately the mist started to roll in after a really nice start. Anyway at least it was dry and I have to admit we didn't have any rain in our four days in the city.
We did not see everything and plan to go back in the summer.,we did after all come to see the Christmas lights and you will eventually see some spectacular sights.
We did the same route with the guide as the night before going past the Old Town Square and passed this famous market stall just setting up and it was getting very cold.

One I missed in the square was this building with it's lovely painted murals

Typical Bread shop with a Trdelnk or Chimney Cake hanging outside.

Entrance to a small theater, bit gruesome.

Rudolfinun, the house of artists which houses a festival of classical music. The building is an example of  Neo-renaissance Architecture.

Entering the Jewish quarter, much to see here but so little time.

Our guide told us about the lack of space for burial, the wall below holds bodies twelve deep one on top of another, very sad.

Finally we arrived at the Vitava River with its famous Charles Bridge and Prague Castle on the hill with its wonderful Cathedral within the Castle walls. The mist and freezing temperatures were still over us but the day was young.

The bridge was lined with statues it's entire length.

Looking up the Vitava it didn't look promising for our boat trip at 12pm.
The river has a weir across it's width and the only access upstream is via a lock on the right hand of the image, more on that later.

Turning around I took this statue of the Crucifixion which was on the bridge and by magic blue sky appeared. Note the bright brass where hands have been placed. Statues of the Virgin Mary and Saint John stand on either side.

We headed away from Charles Bridge to Manesuv Most another spectacular bridge over the river with gold stars on the top of the lamp posts and the famous Metronome on top of the hill.

But this time it was frosty and extremely cold as we made our way to the boat. In the next of the series, will the trip be a disaster?

Thanks for looking and every time I press the keys I yearn to go back. Regards, Mike


  1. Well.... I'm loving every minute of this trip ... I wanna go there too! ... beautiful place. Not sure about the cold!
    Thanks Mike.
    E xxx

  2. Hi Eileen, thanks for catching up with the blog. I know you are such a busy girl with all your crafting and other things that have happened in your busy and hectic life.
    I means so much to me to get a physical comment and to take the time to post. A lot of research goes into this which means we learn a lot about the place when we return We would like to go back in the warn summer as I have found so many photographic vantage points since we have been back. Thanks again for taking the time especially at this time of the year.
    Love to Daisy and Holly and of course Snowflake and Mr Brambles. Love to you both have a smashing Christmas, Lots of love Mike and Sue. XXXXXX

  3. lovely photos, The architecture is very eastern european, I loved the splendid view across the river. Mrs Egg.

  4. Only just got an email about this one Mike.
    That first picture reminds me of Faversham...

    I like the shots of the bridges