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Thursday, 25 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 11

Hello again folks,
now on our second full day in Prague and keeping going as there is still a lot to see and we go home tomorrow. The weather was again a bit grey and although cold was warmer than yesterday. Today it was the turn of the Metro an underground railway system in the form of a cross under Prague. After a great breakfast in the Jury's Inn Hotel we crossed the road to get the underground which was a bit frightening as the escalators were steep and went very fast, two stops, a change and another two stops and we were down by the river again, A great way to see Prague once you have got used to the ticket system.
This shot shows the Weir from the our side of the river with the water running fast and the lock on the background and grey sky's.

Next on our to do list was this building nicknamed "Ginger and Fred" very quirky and is home ot the Perle de Prague Restaurant.

Designed by Frank Gehry's as you can see the legs of Ginger and and the skirt and the straight Fred with Ginger holding him with an outstretched arm. the second view is further around the corner.

We then walked along the river towards Charles Bridge again, this time we wanted to visit the Castle.
What struck us was the building with different designs looking to us as if they were trying to out do one another.

Restaurant on the river edge

The tramway system heading towards and across the river by one of the many bridges

The seats by the river looked interesting with it's Serpent type head and tail.

Back to the Charles Bridge and beyond. Thanks for looking, don't forget to click on any picture will take you to a gallery of images. Click the cross in the top right hand corner to return to the blog.
As its Christmas day and the 2014 blog crashed, I will go on, Happy Christmas and Boxing Day.
Regards Mike


  1. Once again unusual photos. You certainly have an eye for the unusual. Please keep up the good work,
    Adie xx

  2. Hope Christmas was good for you and Sue Mike....
    Now ... loved the Serpent bench... hated Fred and Ginger.... the buildings really 'jarred' for me. I expect the people of Prague love 'em !
    E xxx

    1. Yep you either love or hate Fred and Ginger, thanks for the comment it is truly appreciated. XXX