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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 12

Me again, well that's the festivities over so back to the holiday we go......
 almost at the Charles Bridge and the Weir, see the Yellow Penguins on the opposite bank.

At the Charles Bridge from a different route.

Sue on Charles Bridge doing what all the tourist do touching the statues for luck

And another person doing the same thing.

Close up of the polishing done after constant touching.

General view on the bridge, with it's famous blackened statues. The church on top of the hill, that's where we are heading.

We stopped at the square for a coffee before our assent.

Whew, long climb up, stopped to get our breath back before exploring the Castle. looking down towards the river with the TV Tower, a viewing point and restaurant on the horizon.

Thanks again for looking, regards Mike


  1. Another super post Mike ... saw Sue doing her bit re the polishing of the Statue! .. so many people so many mitts touching it!
    E xx

  2. Again thanks for taking the time to look and comment, Sue is keeping in practice for when we get home. xxxxx