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Friday, 12 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 1

Hi folks,
Sue and I have just spent a fantastic four days in Prague touring around the city by Metro and on foot and I can still feel the cobbles on our feet now. Anyway it was well worth it and we had fair weather, cold with a frost  but not icy as it was the Monday before and to top it all, no rain!

Our hotel was within walking distance of nearly all of the sites on our list of places to visit.
The blog will be split up to incorporate Christmas activities so I have numbered the blog accordingly so its easy to follow. We stayed in Florenc about ten minutes from the first attraction.

Monday afternoon we arrived at the hotel and unpacked had dinner and walked into Republic Square, I took a mini tripod which although worked was a problem to keep steady which is the whole idea of having one. Still in the hotel was the large one so all I had to do was get through the evening.

Republic Square Market

Had a Hot Wine from this gentleman.  Spot the deliberate mistake in the picture, the blonde girl has writing on her face caused by her walking into the shot halfway through the exposure. Ghost of the machine comes to mind.

Hock cooking on an open fire, yummy made me feel hungry again.

Typical Christmas scene, you will see lots of these as we trundled about, the camera in the floor in this shot. NOTE the cobbled ground,

One of the many stores, this one had a chandelier on the first floor, very posh.

Close up of the chandelier. 

Another store with decorations.

Finally a typical market stall, you will see lots of these as well as its Christmas time.

Thanks for looking, loads more to come, Mike


  1. Lovely photos, the night shot of the Christmas market was wonderful, Those dreaded cobble stones. make your feet sore. Mrs Egg.

  2. Oh Mike... so beautiful and so Christmassy!! wish I was there... but feel I have been lol lol lol E xx