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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 4

Hi folks,
 This is one of the reason we came, The Astronomical Clock and its tower being the oldest working Astronomical clock in the world. On the other side is Tynsky Chram, the Church of our Lady of Tyn with it's two massive towers lit up and towering into the sky like two rockets, below in the Christmas market in Old Town Square.

The Dials originally made in 1410 and was refurbished in the 16th century. The German Army damaged the clock in 1945 and it was changed from old Czech time to central European time. The Clock has the 12 Apostles each appearing at the windows above the clock on the hour, More on this fantastic clock later in the series.

Information of how the clock operates.

The tower can be climbed and we did as you will see later.

Right it's been a long day, up at 4am flight at 9am, lost an hour due to the clock change so a bit weary and in need of a good nights sleep so a brisk walk to the hotel via some more sights.

As we walked back I took a shot of this street light and it was getting very cold.

The shops where now emptying with only the decorations to look at

Couple having a cuddle in the cold.

Liked the revolving Swan on the roof and another on the facard. Last shopping centre before the hotel, boy do we need our bed and a nightcap. First day over.

Thanks for looking and if you can leave a comment on the blog it would be appreciated. Mike


  1. I could not get my head round that clock but it did look the part. The best was the mall but the food looked good.

    I can't wait for the next one

  2. Fantastic Mike... just love how you are having such a great time... your enthusiasm is coming through in your posts.. That Clock is amazing!
    E xxx