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Friday, 19 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 7

Hello again folks.
Now in the warmth of the boat on the water and a fantastic spread was laid out for us.

Before lunch I went on deck on my own, no one else would brave the cold.

Under the Charles Bridge we sailed with the Dome of St Nicolas and the Tower on the bridge, another site earmarked for a visit on our return. .

Smetana Museum, (the tall tower in the centre) was a Water Works on the banks of the Vltava and the Weir in the foreground taken from the lock.

Taken in the boat behind glass by Sue the wife, this striking Slavonic Church and Monastery. Both the Monastery and its church were almost raised to the ground in an air raid in 1945.
 In the course of reconstruction the church was given a pair of unique modern concrete spires in 1967.

On the hill stands the church of St Peter and St Paul and the Vysehrad Rock with the road going through it.  Another one to visit.

The Dancing house on the edge of the water, another place we explored the next day.

We turned around up stream and came back entering the lock again.

Next blog we entered the lock and proceeded back under the Charles Bridge.
As you can see we were blessed with some sunshine to cheer us up on our return.

Thanks for looking, a comment either on Facebook or the Blog would be appreciated, thanks for popping by regards, Mike


  1. Replies
    1. Glad we got you up and running on the Ipad. Thanks for the lovely dinner. XXX

  2. Back to enjoy some more of your Journey.. must say Mike, I'm so impressed with Prague.. it looks like a brilliant place to visit . How cold is cold? lol
    Stunning architecture and all captured by your super pictures... thanks Mike. Loving all of these posts.
    E xxx

    1. Cold was about zero so not too bad, could have done with a bit more brightness. On our trip we found loads more to see but ran out of time. Hope to go back in the summer for another go. Glad you liked the posts, the local people are nice too. We go into the Cathedral in Prague Castle with the camera soon and the interior is stunning. I do this whilst our Sue keeps a check on Daisy's Diary, works a treat. XXXX