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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Prague My View # 3

Hi folks,

continuing with this beautiful city, across the road from the Municipal House is this famous Opera House.

Next door was the Powder Tower one used for the original towns fortification and the storage of gun powder, hence it's name.

Unique sites throughout, like this corner facade......

and as for churches, well they are in another world.

It's decorations are exquisite.

The shops have a place as well like the one below.

With on course the famous clock, more on that later.

that's it for today as it's past my bedtime, night all. Mike


  1. Super pictures again Mike... Just loving my 'tour' of Prague! .. I'm liking the clocks.... a lot! such beautiful colours and, as you say, the churches are magnificent!
    What are the prices like in the shops?
    E xxxx

  2. Thanks Eileen, the prices seem slightly lower and the food was certainly cheaper.
    Although building were old they were kept to a high standard and clean although a lot of graffiti in some areas which was a shame.

  3. Beautiful buildings, excellent photos.