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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Quex Park

Hi folks.
welcome to this lovely park near Birchington on the Isles of Thanet in Kent on south east coast of the UK.This was our camping spot last weekend organized by the  Kent and Sussex Auto Camping Club.

The Waterloo Tower below is in the 250 acre site with farmland and woodland surrounding it. The tower houses twelve bells and 66 ft high On the top of the tower is a white painted spire which rises another 65 ft. The tower was built in 1819 by John Powell Powell.

The formal front of the property.

At the rear are some spectacular gardens.

With cannons lined up in its courtyard.

With some beautiful and exotic flowers in bloom.

More to follow, watch out for part two. Mike

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  1. Lovely. lovely place and that spire is quiet something! I always look forward to your 'Flower' shots and these are different and stunning!
    E xxx